Some of your questions:

Q. Where to find BytaFont and fonts

BytaFont and all the fonts ported by our team are available for free on Cydia, ModMyi repository. Other distributions are not authorized and may cause troubles. Please, do not use pirate repos! All the fonts are also available for download on this website.

Q. Tweak Mode and Swap Mode

Tweak Mode replaces all the fonts and does not need ported fonts: you may create a Tweak Mode font on your own, see How-To.
Since this mode uses Substrate in case of issues you can just disable Substrate (hold the volume up button while booting, then launch BytaFont to disable Tweak Mode).
Using Tweak Mode you can skin fonts at application level, mix the font weights and change the font size.

Swap Mode replaces only the system fonts and needs properly ported fonts and can use Substrate or not (based on the "Use Substrate" setting in Settings tab):
- when Substrate is NOT used BytaFont swaps the system files on disk: you can skin also app running as root (as BytaFont itself or iFile) but in case of not properly ported fonts your device will complain with an infinite respring loop and you need to restore your original fonts manually
- when Substrate is used BytaFont does not swap the system files on disk: you cannot skin app running as root but in case of not properly ported fonts you can just disable Substrate

Q. [Swap Mode] BytaFont Backup

The BytaFont backup is the copy of the stock fonts that BytaFont makes when a font is applied for the first time: you tap "Restore BytaFont Backup" when you want the original fonts back.

Q. [Swap Mode] Changes cannot be applied due to the following errors

The message “Changes cannot be applied due to the following errors” is shown by BytaFont after applying a font in case one or more files are not found. Its purpose is to warn you about missing files, that will result in some applications not being skinned. For example, if the font you are applying does not contain the fonts needed to skin iBooks, you’ll see the message “Changes cannot be applied due to the following errors: Georgia.ttf does not exist.”. In case you’d like to use the font in iBooks, you may ask the author of the porting if an update of the font is possible.

Q. BytaFont and device/battery performances

Sometimes we receive emails by people persuaded that BytaFont slows down their device/consumes battery… What can slow down your device, especially old ones, is the font itself: some fonts have a design that requires a lot of details (e.g. brush fonts), and consequently some applications may need some time to load the font at startup. In this case you may just pick another font.

Q. Font packs

We do not release font packs mainly because we often fix and update fonts upon request.
Installing all the fonts you like one by one takes more time, but guarantees that you always get all the updates, and only those you are interested in.

Q. Dialpad not changing font

The numbers of dialpad (phone and passlock) are rendered with images, so it is not possible to skin them via BytaFont.

Q. Carrier logo and battery percentage not changing font

If your carrier name is not skinned, it is because an image is used for the carrier logo and BytaFont cannot change it. You can check /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/ to find your carrier.
Also the battery percentage is rendered with an image in iOS < 7 (BytaFont 1.x), thus it cannot be skinned changing the font. It is skinned in iOS >= 7.x (BytaFont 2.x).

Q. Fake packages and pirate repositories and ModMyi repository are the only sources allowed to redistribute the fonts we have ported. There are some people grabbing BytaFont and the fonts we have ported to release a copy on their repository (obviously without permission). You may think that this is not possible, since we distribute them for free, but this is how things are… We have never been asked for the permission to redistribute our work or to create packs containing the fonts we have ported: all the packs or duplicated fonts you find on the web or on Cydia are not authorized, and we do not take any responsibility for them.
Those packages may miss some files, contain altered fonts, or be obsolete; we often update our fonts, but if you install them from a pirate repo, you won’t see any updates: the only way to get our updates as soon as we release them, it’s to take our stuff from ModMyi. If you have problems when installing BytaFont or one of the fonts ported by our team, please ensure that you have not installed the package from one of those repositories: the package may be obsolete or may cause conflicts in Cydia.
All these distributions can also be illegal, since they were not authorized by the font owners. When required, we always ask the fonts designers for the license to redistribute their fonts after porting: if the font owners gave us their permission, this does not mean that anyone is allowed to redistribute their and our work.
We spend a lot of our spare time in porting fonts, developing BytaFont and keeping up, while many people in the internet takes advantage of our work. Installing fake packages is not in the interest of the community, since it does not support our work, which is available for free for the community itself.
Pirate redistributions damage us: if people keep stealing our work, one day we’ll get tired and we’ll stop porting fonts, so there won’t be as much to steal.

Q. Why Anemone conflicts with BytaFont Tweak Mode?

The conflict between Anemone and BytaFont Tweak Mode was introduced due to a bug (fixed since version 1.1.3) in BytaFont Tweak Mode causing the crash of Optitheme.
BytaFont Tweak Mode has nothing to do with Anemone, the "BytaFont vs Anemone drama" regards BytaFont Swap Mode via Substrate.