Fonts handled by BytaFont 2

Due to the differences between iOS 6 and iOS 7 fonts we have decided to create new Cydia packages to be used with iOS 7 and BytaFont 2 and we’ll make them available in a new section called “Fonts (BytaFont 2)”. Those packages need to be installed in /private/var/mobile/Library/MyFonts2 and the files handled by BytaFont 2 are as follows.

  • Helvetica.ttc
  • HelveticaNeue.ttc (you can use FontForge to make the ttc file; remember to disable the “Merge tables across fonts” option)
  • HelveticaNeueInterface.ttc
  • HelveticaNeueLights.ttc
  • Keycaps.ttc
  • KeycapsPad.ttc (iPad)
  • DINAlternate-bold.ttf
  • Georgia.ttf
  • GeorgiaBold.ttf
  • GeorgiaBoldItalic.ttf
  • GeorgiaItalic.ttf
Arabic (MyFonts2/Arabic)
  • GeezaPro.ttf
  • GeezaProBold.ttf
  • GeezaProLight.ttf
Chinese/Korean (MyFonts2/CK)
  • STHeiti-Light.ttc
  • STHeiti-Medium.ttc
  • STHeiti-Thin.ttc
  • STHeiti-UltraLight.ttc
Japanese (MyFonts2/Japanese)
  • HiraginoKakuGothicW1.ttc
  • HiraginoKakuGothicW2.ttc
  • HiraginoKakuGothicW3.ttc
  • HiraginoKakuGothicW6.ttc
Hebrew (MyFonts2/Hebrew)
  • ArialHB.ttc
Thai (MyFonts2/Thai)
  • Thonburi.ttc
In case you find out that other files are missing, please email us the details ;)
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