BytaFont 2 & iOS 8

Just a short post to confirm that BytaFont 2 and all the fonts available in Fonts (BytaFont 2) section are compatible with iOS 8 :)

Update: as reported by Mhoe, there is an issue on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus keyboard: all the fonts need to be updated for those new devices.
We’ll do the updates asap, but it will take some time.
You may follow this discussion for any news and to request the update of your favourite font :)

No, we are not selling BytaFont on the App Store

There are many apps available on the Apple App Store called BytaFont: those are fake copies of our application and we have nothing to do with their developers. By coincidence ( :-| ), they are using the same name of our app and a similar/equal icon. Please notice that they don’t/can’t change the system font: we recommend you to stay away from them ;-) The real BytaFont is available only for jailbroken devices.

BytaFont 1.8 released (iOS < 7)

BytaFont 1.8 is available on ModMyi (only for iOS < 7) to let you change the Emojis (proper file needed). As usual, you can read the overview for details.

BytaFont 2.2 released

Version 2.2 is available on ModMyi.
You can now change the Emojis (proper file needed); we have also added the Russian translation (kindly provided by Каранай Султанов).

You can read the overview for details.

BytaFont 2.1.4 released

A new version has been released on ModMyi.
The Lock screen option is now more visible as default tab and the Cydgets that are not compatible with BytaFont are not shown in the list of available Cydgets.

You may have a look at the overview for details.